Con Bay South Trailway Damage

A few days ago, my wife and I took a walk, on the trailway, from Pond Rd to Anchorage Rd. It took us a couple of hours becauseĀ  we had to be careful on the areas that were damaged by the storm.

There are some barricades in place to prevent people from accessing pars of the trail. I know that we weren’t supposed to walk certain areas, however; I wanted to get some pictures to show you the damage.

We enjoy walking the trailway and we are hoping that council will be able to open up all or some of the portions that are really impassable. We did pass a few people on the trail.

A few pictures showing the devastation that was cause by the storm. In addition I have added links to news articles. Most of the photos have a black spot in the corner. That’s my glove as it was a little chilly and I didn’t realize that I was covering part of the lens.

The above section is between Pond Rd and Ledrews Rd

The photo below is just east of Tilley’s Rd.

The photo below is west of Fagan’s Rd.

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