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Welcome to CBSNL blog. My name is Steve Wiscombe and I have been a resident of Conception By South since 1957. It was in 1957 that we moved from Creston PB to Manuel’s and I began grade 5, at The Topsail United School.

My brother Sam and I would walk to school and come home to lunch most times. Really, we ran from Topsail to Manuel’s and back. Some afternoons we would walk Chamberlain’s Beach and come home via Chamberlain’s Rd. If we were really adventurous, we would walk down to the Flats and up through a path behind Ted Butler’s store or up through Doug Hiscocks.

Walking to school on many winter days was difficult. Many drivers didn’t obey the speed limit and we would get splashed by the wed snow. Yes, those were the good old days in our childhood.

Our recreation was, swimming in The Flats or many of the swimming holes on Manuel’s River, climbing the river banks and trouting. in the winter we would play hockey on Squire’s Pond or Chamberlain’s Pond.

Some of our childhood friend’s were The Hiscock’s, The Cairns, The Adams, The Mercer’s, The Metcalfe’s, The Millers, The Squire’s and in school The Tippett’s, The King’s and other families from The Topsail area. There were and are many others but as you get older you forget who they were. Send a comment if you were missed.

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