New Year 2019

This is a beautiful sunny day here in Con Bay south. The temperature is minus 7 with little wind, however; according to the forecast, we are in for a blizzard. I will try and get a few before and after photos.

Took a drive to Seal Cove and back down to Worsley’s Park with a stop at Manuel’s River. There were a few people skating or playing hockey on the various ponds.  Met a few people on the Manuel’s River walking trail. It appeared to be slippery so I just stayed near the falls.

Happy New Year

Trestle Seal Cove

Manuel’s Head/Squire’s Pond/Kelly’s Island

The Falls, Manuel’s River

Topsail Bluff taken from Chamberlains Beach

Cherry Lane, Across from Worsley’s Park

Little Belle Island/Bell Island

Bay quiet today

The Bell, Bell Island

Holyrood Generating Station


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